Music by Ralph Jarzombek and other related stuff

Microtonal compositions and arrangements


All compositions are in 14edo unless otherwise indicated.

Micro1 - Micro6

Date: Late 1980's
Computer: XT PC
Software: Personal Composer
Synth: TX81Z and DX11 (except for the drums in micro6, which is a drum machine)
Effects: Alesis Quadraverb


Micro7 - Micro12

Date: Late 2000's - early 2010's
Synth: Various VSTs

Micro7 (17edo)

Micro12 (5edo)

From this point forward, the names of my pieces are the date they were composed.

120420 (Bohlen-Pierce)

032822 (7edo)

032323 (Bohlen Pierce)

032823 (5edo)


Footprints (14edo version of "Footprints" by Wayne Shorter)